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“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part I
Twenty-Four Pages


“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part II
Twenty-Four Pages


“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part III
Twenty-Four Pages


“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part IV
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What Our Readers Are Saying…

This is now my favorite comic. The art is beautiful, the colors are bold, and the writing is nuanced, well-paced, and told with a masterful back-and-forth between various points in the past and the present. Well done.


Scott Story

Writer/Artist, Johnny Saturn

… an absolutely solid, completely professional superhero story … it’s hard not to love a comic that shows due respect to one of the strangest characters of the Golden Age, Dr. Vampire.  I’m definitely putting myself down for #2!


Steve Bennett

Confessions of a Comic Book Guy, ICV2

I absolutely LOVE everything you guys are doing here. These books are a BLAST!


Eric N. Bennett

The Latest News and Info

John Aman Action Figure Coming in 2015

Gallant Comics has partnered with Fresh Monkey Fiction to produce a limited edition John Aman Amazing Man action figure. The 4.5 inch figure will be based on Fresh Monkey Fiction’s line of retro-inspired figures. John Aman Amazing Man joins the line up of Black Terror, Captain Action, Stardust the Super Wizard, The original Dare-Devil, The Green Turtle and The Blank Slate. The figure will be released in summer of... read more

Why We’ve Changed Character Names — Alter Ego Edition

This post deals specifically with the changing of the actual or given names of characters from the public domain that we’ve re-purposed for inclusion in the Gallant Comics Universe.   There is another post wherein we discuss the changing of the names of Heroes and Villains. We don’t take the renaming of a character lightly.   At times though we find that it’s simply unavoidable. Take the case of  “Zona Henderson” which we changed  to “Zoe Henderson”.   We made a change because we believed the name — whether fairly or unfairly — was so dated as to disqualify its use.   We actually checked US Census data to confirm that judgement.   In 1880 — 1880! — Zona was approximately the 500th most common name for a female in the US. That was the peak of its popularity.   It plummeted in usage after that.  By 1930 it had fallen so far as to be statistically insignificant.  It has continued to drop year after year ever since.   For all intents and purposes “Zona” as a female name in the US is extinct.   The name’s extinction doesn’t necessarily mean that we had to change it.  Sometimes giving a character an usual name is a way to make them more memorable, to make them distinct.  But sometimes it just makes people think “That’s an odd name”.   With all respect due to anyone named Zona (if  there actually is anyone named Zona today), we felt that was the case here.   So we re-named her “Zoe”.   With male characters there is what we refer to around here as “the John problem”... read more

Why We’ve Changed Character Names — Heroes and Villains Edition

The original versions of all of the characters in the Gallant Comics Universe are in the public domain.  That means that the copyrights that once restricted their use have expired.  The original versions of these characters (and the comics from which they sprang) belong to the public.  They belong to no one in particular and everyone in general.   Anyone is free to use them in their comics, novels, films, etc.   That’s how we are able to use them.  They are in the public domain. One of our guiding principles here at Gallant is respect for the original version of the character.  We believe in acknowledging the original creators of these characters and in doing our best to be good stewards of their creations.   It was never our goal to “update” or “modernize” these characters.  Of course we’ve taken some liberties —  it’s impossible to do new adventures of previously existing characters and not take some creative liberties — but we always strive to respect the original creations.  We don’t want to make them “modern” or “contemporary”, we want to insure that they remain timeless.   In the character profiles section of the site we detail most of the changes we’ve made in adapting the character from the original version to the modified version that we use. We decided early on that we would only change the names of Heroes and Villains when it was absolutely necessary.  A trademark claim alone would not be sufficient grounds to make us change a name.  A trademarked name such as The Blue Beetle (TM DC Comics) doesn’t mean we have... read more

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