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“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part I
Twenty-Four Pages


“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part II
Twenty-Four Pages


“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part III
Twenty-Four Pages


“How Sharper Than a Dragon’s Tooth”
Part IV
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Classic Heroes Re-Imagined in All New Adventures!

What Our Readers Are Saying…

This is now my favorite comic. The art is beautiful, the colors are bold, and the writing is nuanced, well-paced, and told with a masterful back-and-forth between various points in the past and the present. Well done.


Scott Story

Writer/Artist, Johnny Saturn

… an absolutely solid, completely professional superhero story … it’s hard not to love a comic that shows due respect to one of the strangest characters of the Golden Age, Dr. Vampire.  I’m definitely putting myself down for #2!


Steve Bennett

Confessions of a Comic Book Guy, ICV2

I absolutely LOVE everything you guys are doing here. These books are a BLAST!


Eric N. Bennett

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